Inkuthazo Yesizwe


We run the following programmes:

  • Aerobics, Physical and Nutritional Support Programme
    The aerobics sessions are aimed at creating a fun, social interaction between different age groups for physical, mental and emotional health. Takes place on Saturdays during the school term at 08:00-10:00 at Ikaya Primary School. Everyone welcome!
  • Sports Development Programme
    Sports development sessions will give learners the opportunity to be noticed as good sportsmen/women and to develop their skills. If they show potential, they will be guided to provincial and possibly national trails in their various sporting codes.
  • The Running Club
    Every week we go running with Gr5-7 learners from Ikaya Primary School. This is an initiative that will give children, who have not readily been afforded the opportunity, the chance to develop their running skills as well as their social skills in a safe environment. To contribute to this programme by donating shoes to help our runners, click here!
  • The Entrepreneurs Club
    This focuses on one thing there is a great need for in our country: entrepreneurs at school level. There are weekly training sessions with learners from Makhuphula High School. In the future, we hope to run competitions and careers days sponsored by local companies.
  • Grade 7 Outreach Programme
    By giving children opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily get in the normal school system, we can broaden their horizons and their ideas of what is possible and what is out there. The outings are also seen as a way to reward children who work hard at school; Ikaya Primary School picks the 30 grade seven learners who they feel are the most deserving. This is seen as an encouragement to them as they start the transition into high school – a time in the youths’ lives characterised by dropping out, teenage pregnancies and drug use etc.
  • Leadership Training for Mentors and Coaches
    To teach the mentors and coaches how to interact with young people and become role models. Mentors are school teachers, coaches and older individuals that are investing their time by working with the children. There will be mentors for all the different aspects of the project, like sport, art, academics, etc.
  • Job Shadowing Support Programme
    Job Shadowing is a useful tool in deciding what career one wants to pursue. It can also be a learning experience for youths to learn business skills as well as important interpersonal skills and practices in the workplace. We choose a few youths who have expressed interest in pursuing a career and would help them find a company at which they can shadow.
  • Primary School Writing Competitions
    We partner with primary schools to facilitate writing competitions based on writing assignments that form part of the curriculum. This encourages the learners to invest their time in their writing skills, due to both the added insentive of competition as well as to pursue higher marks for writing assignments in the future. We hope learners can learn to enjoy writing and reading!

These are implemented in various schools in Kayamandi, as well as in and around the community.

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