Inkuthazo Yesizwe


The Inkuthazo Yesizwe organisation was established in June 2017. We aim to assist the youth of Kayamandi in discovering their full potential, talent, academic level and entrepreneurial development. Our approach seeks to identify their strengths and use them as a base from which to engage with their needs and challenges. Young people have gifts and talents which need to be identified, developed, nurtured and used positively.

We believe that each person has potential and a purpose to fulfil. We find value in contributing to the growth of others – in terms of business, teams or persons – and cherish the ability to help them to define their own niche rather than being confined.

We believe in creating intuitive, fun solutions which speak to common sense and we understand that effective youth development policy, programmes and initiatives must be based on the realities of young peoples’ lives.

Instead of perceiving our young people as a problem, we aim to address the challenges they encounter and to equip them to become true assets and role models for our communities with a positive contribution to our country.

Our objectives are:

  • To train the youth in a professional manner
  • To be relevant and real in our programme offerings, so to facilitate lasting empowerment.
  • To fill the gaps for youth development that currently exist, by forming partnerships with other organisations.
  • To pursue and grow partnerships that support the objectives of our combined programme.

Our overall goal is to contribute to skills development and broader education, alleviation of poverty, to prepare the youth for employment and interpersonal skills to stimulate entrepreneurship and growth.

Inkuthazo Yesizwe is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC), NGO and PBO.